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How the text is examined

This is one of the three texts being examined in the final paper. This text is worth approximately 23% of the total exam.

This text will be examined in the actual external exam at the end of the course. in the exam you will have the option of choosing one of two questions; one on a character or one on a theme, idea in the novel.

The questions will be based upon your analysis of a stated passage. This anlysis will involve you discussing the playwright's dramatic technique in the stated passage and then widening your discussionn to realte that passage to then rest of the play. Two thirds of your discussion should be on the stated passage.

This question will need to be at least two sides in length, completed in fifty minutes and will examine two Assessment Objectives;

AO1 - respond to texts critically, sensitively and in detail, selecting appropriate
ways to convey their response, using textual evidence as appropriate;

AO2 - explore how language, structure and forms contribute to the meanings
of texts, considering different approaches to texts and alternative

This is an OPEN BOOK question in which you will have to analyse the text thoroughly. Your text must be CLEAN - that means without notes or annotations.


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